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Managing Risk is Serious Business!

Studies show that over 70% of the buildings in the U.S. are colonized with some level of Legionella, the bacteria that causes Legionnaires' disease. Over 60% of hospital water systems are colonized with Legionella. The Legionella bacteria presents serious health and liability risks in any building, especially hospitals and extended care facilities due to their at-risk population.


Experts agree that an effective risk management program for Legionella is key to providing a safe work environment. Without uniform guidelines or regulations regarding Legionella, it's hard for a building owner to know what do.


Put the Power of AQUA PLUS to Work for You

AQUA PLUS helps take the confusion out of the Legionella risk management process by putting world class experience and expertise to work for you. AQUA PLUS is a unique partnership of three leading companies in the fields of Legionella risk assessment, water treatment, and microbiological testing and evaluation.


With AQUA PLUS, independent specialists are used to provide the environmental monitoring and implementation services outlined in a professionally developed risk management plan. This provides a complete solution for developing, implementing, and validating a program that minimizes the risks from Legionella, and shows you have sought the very best advice and council.


Learn more about the AQUA PLUS Advantage.

CNYSHE Hosts Legionella Summit

On November 13th, 2008, the Central New York Society for Healthcare Engineering (CNYSHE) hosted a one day summit on Legionella issues in healthcare facilities. Featured were prominent authorities in the fields of Legionella risk assessment and management, environmental monitoring and interpretation, outbreak response, and water treatment.

Click here for more information on the Legionella Summit and to view the presentations.

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