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One call to AQUA PLUS gives you instant access to the services you need to execute an effective waterborne risk management program, and respond to emergency situations. The services available through AQUA PLUS include:

  • Risk Assessment and Planning - Legionella Risk Assessments can be an intimidating and time consuming process. With AQUA PLUS, a professional Legionella Consultants, Inc. Risk Assessor will guide you through the process of identifying risks and develop a customized, evidence-based risk management solution that works.

  • Legionella Sample Collection and Processing - Legionella culture and identification requires specialized knowledge and expertise not found in most microbiology laboratories. With AQUA PLUS, your program results are validated by a CDC "ELITE" Laboratory. This provides confidence in the test results you receive.

  • System Disinfection with Complete Turnkey Capabilities - Whether faced with a case of Legionnaires' disease or Legionella in your water systems, it's hard to know what to do next. With AQUA PLUS, a trained professional will help you determine what is needed and what is not.  Don’t waste precious time and money on ineffective and expensive disinfection practices. AQUA PLUS professionals have published expertise in the operation and maintenance of current disinfection/prevention options, and can recommend the most appropriate ones for your situation.

  • Outbreak Consultation - AQUA PLUS has the resources to help you respond immediately in the event of a Legionella outbreak. This begins with an immediate phone consultation followed by an onsite visit within 24 hours of being retained.

  • Regulatory Compliance - The professionals from AQUA PLUS understand the different guidelines and regulations relating to Legionella, and have even participated in developing some. We understand the guidelines and you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

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Effective Legionella risk management requires experienced and reliable program implementation. For over 85 years, Chem-Aqua has provided custom designed chemical, equipment, and service programs that solve water treatment problems and make systems more efficient.

With over 250 trained specialists in the U.S. and Canada, Chem-Aqua can help you implement all aspects of your Legionella risk management program. Experienced Chem-Aqua service professionals are available to apply, monitor, and verify the specified disinfection protocols. Independent sample collection services can be provided to validate results. With Chem-Aqua on your side, you have a knowledgeable and reliable implementation partner.

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